Christmas in Argentina

Argentina has been an amalgamating point to various cultures and communities, owing to the fact that it had been under the dominion of several nations. Therefore the celebrations of Christmas in Argentina are diverse and interesting.

First and foremost, Christmas in Argentina falls in the summer time, keeping it devoid of snow and white rooftops around this time. Where most countries around the world are shivering in the biting cold weather around Christmas, Argentines plan a picnic to the nearby beach or hold a barbeque and invite relatives and friends!

The Christmas Eve on the 24th of December witnesses the entire families to go to the church to offer prayers and attend the Midnight Mass. ‘Feliz Navidad’ is the ideal way of greeting one in Argentina meaning Merry Christmas, after all it is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

After the midnight mass is over, the families return to their homes and raise a toast. Later the elder members dance and make merry, while the younger members light up fireworks to rejoice.

The typical style of decoration special to Argentina sees the hanging of white and red garlands on the doorways of homes and even in the shops and market places. Also the Nativity scene is common to most areas here and the manger depicting the birth scene of Baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem is adorned in most homes, churches and Cathedrals.

The common notion of Santa Claus and his reindeer is also very prominent here. Little children wait for his gifts eagerly all throughout the year. Santa Claus boots are hung on the doors on Christmas Eve in Argentina.

The decoration of the Christmas trees is an essential element of Christmas in Argentina. Artificial or live trees are decorated with lights and other adornments and gifts are placed below it. People wait until midnight to open the gifts and the little ones rejoice their presents.

People are especially fond of preparing and serving special delicacies to guests and family members on Christmas.Therefore roasted pork, turkey, cider, beer, juices and puddings generally do the rounds. Both the

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hold high religious values in the hearts of the Argentines and they celebrate them with great fun and delight.

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