Christmas in Kiribati

The Christmas in Kiribati is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Jesus as is done all across the world. Everyone rejoices to mark this special day which is basically a day of prime importance for the Christians. Lord Jesus was born on this day and he is still considered to be the savior of mankind. The Christmas celebration in Kiribati does not end on the 25th of December which is the birth date of Jesus but continues till the 1st of January with the ushering of the New Year. If you are planning for a vacation in the island nation of Kiribati then make it a point to visit it during Christmas in Kiribati celebrations as you will get to see the whole nation drenched in the festive spirit.
Christmas celebrations in Kiribati are one of the major events especially for the 2 major Christian Denomination Churches- Protestants and the Catholics. All the people even though they are not Christian get together to celebrate this festival in Kiribati as it becomes a meeting ground for all the cultures and traditions around the world. The celebration for Christmas in Kiribati usually begins on the Sunday when everyone attends the Christmas Service which is of great significance for everyone and especially for the Christians. The service at the church is followed by feasting and host of activities which are a favorite of the young and old alike. The main activities in Kiribati include local dancing, canoe racing, choir, sporting events like basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, boxing and game fishing.
You are surely going to have a lovely time during Christmas in Kiribati if you participate in any of these events you will get to feel the traditions and customs which are still alive. Everyone enjoys the celebration mood till the New Year when people go in for picnics and excursion to the nearby islands and enjoy their holidays. The residents of Tarawa prefer to camp out in the Taiwan Park for about a week and here they have their barbecue feats and entertaining activities every day until the New Year celebrations end. Be sure to visit Kiribati during Christmas for having a glimpse of the lifestyle of the islanders.