Christmas in Morocco

Christmas in Morocco is limited to about 100,000 adherents. These are the people of French descent who are present since the colonial times or else some are immigrants. Christianity is the second largest religion in Morocco after Islam. The actual figures of Christians are uncertain as the expatriates are not included in the statistics. Christmas in Morocco is a great time to visit the country.

Christmas in Morocco means the clergy in the churches perform rituals for the benefits of the members of the members. In some cases, a member attends the churches as well as cathedrals to perform the rituals. But some everyday rituals are performed daily for those who are not present.

Many of the Orthodox Christian groups perform the celebration of Christmas on January 6. The Coptic Church and the Armenian Church as well as some Middle Eastern churches celebrate Christmas celebration on January 7. But for the Catholic, the celebration of Christmas begins on December 24th with an evening service. A candlelight service is held at the midnight mass.

Christmas in Morocco is celebrated as it is done around the world. The birth of Jesus is the time for hope and rejoicing, of love, giving and forgiving. Christmas in Morocco is the time for family and friends gathering.

However Christmas in Morocco does not completely resemble that of Christmas in Europe. The image of Santa Claus is very appealing to the kids here is in anywhere in the world. The retailers and shop keepers seize the opportunity to put up non-religious motifs like snow, stockings, Santa and his reindeer. There are also candy canes and the all familiar Christmas tree. The capital city of Rabat as well as other cities become active during Morocco Christmas with colorful lights and decorations on homes and business establishments, giving a festive kind of ambiance. All the shopping malls and hotels decorated themselves during this time. Christmas in Morocco is a public holiday and is still a religious holiday.

The time during this time for the Christians is for prayers and Bible reading. As the day approaches, the Christian community starts decorating their homes, usually with artificial objects. People deliver greeting cards and gifts are placed under trees. Festive songs are sung and played every where. Christmas in Morocco also means people of different beliefs (among non-Muslims) visiting the church gatherings to observe the festive spirit. The celebration continues till the morning hour.

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