Christmas in Netherlands

Christmas in Netherlands is one of the most cherished festivals. To the busy Netherlands citizens, Christmas in Netherlands brings a golden opportunity to spend an enjoyable vacation with near and dear ones. The Dutch eagerly wait for 5th December. It is the day on which they celebrate the coming of Sinterklaas Avond or St. Nicholas eve. They celebrate with family doings on December 6th and after that everyone is ready to prepare for Netherlands Christmas on December 25th and then for December 26th or New Year and Three Kings Day on January 6th.

In the Netherlands St. Nicholas, known as Sinterklaas, is acknowledged for his kindness and generosity. Dutch children are told that on 5th December, on his feast day, he sails from Spain. They fill their shoes with hay and sugar for his horse and awake to find them showered with gifts such as nuts and candy. Sometimes Sinterklaas appears in person in the children’s homes, showing a remarkable resemblance to the children’s father or uncle. The people of Twente in East Netherlands celebrate a special Advent ceremony. Special horns are driven to chase away the evil spirits and to announce the birth of Christ.

The colonial flavor of the typical Dutch tradition, Dutch culture, venerable rituals and conventions of the Scandinavian heritage are clearly shown in the celebration of Christmas in Netherlands. Elegant and stylish decoration, sweet music, gorgeous colors and lively parties make Netherland the most sought after destination during the Christmas time. Celebration of Christmas in Netherlands is incomplete without laying the Christmas table with traditional recipes.