Christmas in Norway

Christmas in Norway is a time of celebration and revelry for everyone and there is cheer and happiness for people all around. It is one of the main festivals which celebrate the birth of Christ and it is celebrated with cheer and enthusiasm. If you are thinking of spending your vacation during the time of Christmas in Norway then it is an excellent idea as you can see the traditions and rituals associated with it.

In ancient times, Christmas in Norway was a mid-winter sacrificial feast and popularly considered as a festival of lights which marks the transition from the dark winter to spring and summer. It was a time for celebrating the harvest, fertility, birth and death. Though the aspect and reasons of celebration has evolved but what remain unchanged are the spirit and the essence with which people celebrate it.

Christmas in Norway is the time of celebrations and cheer, a time of enjoyment, for meeting friends and family and also a perfect time to immerse your self in revelry and celebrations. It is the time when you get to see the customs, traditions, rituals, some of which are based on a number of old superstitions that exist even today. The festive atmosphere truly dominates the entire region and the spirit of the people clearly shows that it is a time of merriment and a time to spread the message of love and joy.

Planning for Christmas celebrations in Norway start much before the actual day. People start shopping for Christmas gifts and the atmosphere clearly reflect that people are in the mood of partying and celebrations. Most of them start decorating the pine tree in their living room with white lights, tinsel, Norwegian flags and other ornaments for Christmas. The kids truly enjoy every moment of this festive atmosphere. Colorful baskets are filled with candy, nuts and chocolates and the houses glitter with colored lightings. Singing and dancing is a part of the celebrations of Christmas in Norway.

The Christmas Eve in Norway is quite special and people celebrate this time with huge bonfires, wines and good food. Old and young, small and big, friends and family come closer to celebrate and share the joy together through several weeks of festivities. People show their care, concern and love for their dear ones. Concerts are held in churches and concert halls in the Christmas day in Norway and Christmas carols can be heard from every corner. Christmas in Norway is a blissful time for elevating spirits and creating a cheerful, joyful atmosphere.

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