Christmas in Samoa

Christmas in Samoa will be fun and interesting for the visitors as they get to see a totally different aspect of this colorful and vibrant place. Planning and preparations for Christmas celebrations in Samoa begin quite early as the Christmas party in Samoa continues for 13 days and this event is popularly known as the 13 days to Christmas. Christmas in Samoa will be incomplete without Christmas carols so arrangements are made for Christmas songs and carols. An integral part of Samoan Christmas is the Christmas carol.
Groups of local choirs are assembled so that they can practice for the main event. Christmas party in Samoa begins early and a drama recital is organized for the main day. The performers take part in short dramas in the charming village of Upolu. Most of the carols are sung according to the Pacific-style Christmas carols. One of the major attractions of Christmas in Samoa is the performance of the Samoan Police Band. It is known that the 13 days to Christmas was initiated by the Reverend Faitala Talapusi.
Which began as a mere countdown event later became a huge celebration and houses are decorated with festoons, balloons and colored papers. You will find Christmas messages on the doors and windows and the music is everywhere. Christmas in Samoa is incomplete without music and one can find rock music, rap music and pop. However one common them is noticed in all performances. All these spread the love and messages of Christmas. People frequent shops and Christmas shopping is incomplete without candies and sweets.
Although December is warm but the celebrations are not anyway hampered by the festive mood and here is enjoyment everywhere. Apia is famous for its Christmas celebrations and you can take part in the game of suipi which is a Samoan card game. If you are visiting anyone’s house during Christmas in Samoa you can gift them a bottle of Vailima. It is the warmth and togetherness that matter the most in Christmas in Samoa. You spread love and gift each other presents. During Christmas money is donated in the church before faifeau or the minister. Early in the morning you will find umu fire and food items include cakes and special dishes.

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