Christmas in South Africa

Celebration of Christmas in South Africa is different from rest of the world. Christmas in South Africa is a part of the summer holiday. In December, the southern summer brings glorious days of sunshine in the beaches, the rivers, and the shaded mountain slopes of South Africa. This signals the prelude to Christmas in South Africa. Schools, colleges, public and private institutions remain closed during this time.
The Christian communities large and small celebrate Christmas in South Africa. There are approximately 350 million Christians living in Africa. On Christmas day, carols are sung in the churches and cathedrals from Congo to South Africa. The Coptic Christians in Ethiopia and Egypt celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January rather than the 25th of December because they follow a different calendar.
The celebration of Christmas in various parts of South Africa:
Preparation for Christmas in the Congo begins when some group is designated to prepare the annual Christmas pageant. In Congo, Christmas day begins when groups of carolers walk to and fro through the village, along the roadway, by the houses of the missionaries, singing the lovely carols. Then at about 8 or 9 o’clock everyone starts the celebration of the birthday of Jesus.
People also have Christmas dinners after the service, preparing tables out in front of their home and inviting many of their intimate friends to share. Homes are decorated with pine branches, and the decorated Christmas fir is a must, with presents for the children around.
In Ghana, most of the churches herald the coming of Christmas by decorating the church and homes beginning with the first week in Advent that is the four weeks before Christmas.
In Liberia, which is on the west coast of Africa, on Christmas most homes decorate their house with oil palm for a Christmas tree, which is decorated with bells. Presents such as cotton cloth, soap, sweets, pencils, and books are exchanged. Dinner is mainly eaten outdoors with everyone sitting in a circle to share the meal of rice, beef and biscuits.
When it comes to dinner at the time of Christmas in South Africa, most people prefer traditional dishes like turkey, roast beef, mince pies, or suckling pig, yellow rice with raisins, vegetables, and plum pudding.