Christmas in Turkey

Christmas in Turkey is observed with great gusto and enthusiasm. Turkey is a Muslim dominated country. Alongside the Muslims, Catholic and Jewish minorities co-exist in religious harmony. All religious communities have their own places of worship. Numerous churches and synagogues are scattered all over Istanbul. The churches are adorned in much color and vibrancy during Christmas in Turkey, one of the major festivals and events in Turkey.
For the Moslems, December 24th is not observed as the day commemorating the birth of baby Jesus as celebrated all over the world. The name of Lord Jesus finds a mention in the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims.
Towards the end of every year, the vibrant city of Turkey, Istanbul is illuminated with lights during Christmas in Turkey. Colorful lights drape all over the main streets. These celebrations take place to welcome the onset of the New Year.
Christmas in Turkey is celebrated with much grandeur and splendor. Colorful events take place during Christmas Turkey. Christmas celebrations in Turkey are in full swing in Istanbul as the legendary figure Santa Claus comes out on the streets to distribute sweets to young children. Santa is also found in reputed shopping malls giving sweets and precious gifts to children. The young children indulge in pure joy and fun during this time. The Turkish households are decorated with Christmas trees and colorful lights. The numerous shops lining the streets are also decorated with colorful vibrant lights and Christmas trees.
The enormous Christmas celebrations in Turkey were a pointer to the fact that the country was receptive to Western influences. Gifts are exchanged during the end of the year. Bags, backpacks, telephone books and shoes, all made from excellent quality of kilim (Turkish rug) and leather are exchanged.
Christmas in Turkey is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Santa Claus or St Nicholas. This three day festival in early December is observed with much gusto and vibrancy in the little Turkish town of Demre. Born in the nearby town of Patara, St Nicholas is remembered not only as a celebrated Turkish archbishop, but also for his love towards little children.

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