Christmas in USA

The United States of America better known as USA is the oldest surviving federation. Spreading over an area of 9.83 square kilometers comprises of 50 states and one federal district. The full name ‘United States of America’ was used for the first time in the ‘Declaration of Independence’. It is the third largest country in terms of land ranking only nest to China and Russia.
Nowadays, there is a great variation of celebration of the Christmas in USA as there are different nationalities settled in the country. The early settlers to the U S A had their own traditions of Christmas Celebrations. They used to celebrate Christmas by using firearms and using fireworks. According to that tradition Santa Claus arrived by boat and the people used to dine outside.Pennsylvanian celebrates Christmas by building a landscape called the Punt, below the Christmas tree.In Alaska, people take a star on a pole from door to door and then the Herod’s men try to capture the star. Boys and girls carry a lantern on a big pole and hold a big star around the town.
In Washington D. C., the President ceremoniously lights the Christmas tree by pressing a button. There are carol singers in Boston. The singers have hand bells along with them. During the midnight mass, they sing out melodious Christmas carols which fill the air with joy and merriment. New Orleans celebrates Christmas by parading on the street. It is a colorful show in which people gladly participate. In Arizona, the Las Posadas celebration of the Mexican ritual is held. Here there is a procession and a play showcasing the search of Mary and Joseph looking for a room at the inn. Hawaiian celebrates Christmas by bringing in the Christmas Tree Ship which brings loads of Christmas goodies.In California, Christmas is celebrated by the sweeping of surf board.The traditional Christmas dinner in America includes roast turkey along with vegetable and sauces, Christmas pudding and other desserts, and of course wine to raise a toast.

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