Christmas in Vietnam

Though Buddhism is the dominant religion in Vietnam, but Christmas in Vietnam is celebrated with much enthusiasm and gusto. Christmas in Vietnam is among the four most important festivals people celebrate. Christianity mainly entered the country during the French rule. The people of Vietnam are fun-loving and social and the different festivals are the occasions for them to showcase their nature. Christmas in Vietnam very much corresponds to that of Central European habits.
The Christmas in Vietnam is a big event in Ho Chi Minh City and the celebrations here resemble that of Europe. The Midnight mass on Christmas Eve are attended by the Christians in Vietnam only to return home to a delicious Christmas dinner. The dinner has the chicken soup, though the well-off have Turkey and Christmas pudding.
Christmas in Vietnam – History
The origin of Christmas has a very tumultuous history. The Christians here used to celebrate Christmas right from the rule of France. As the communists took over the country in 1975, the relation of the church and the state soured and the festivals of Christmas were celebrated in privacy. But during 80s, the liberalism policies adopted by the government helped the people of Vietnam to get influenced by the western influences and ideals. Christmas regained its glory like the earlier days.
Christmas in Vietnam – Present Days
Christians nowadays celebrate Christmas with St Nicholas and Santa Claus as well-known. Children put their shoes in front of their doors on Christmas Eve and they get presents in them the next day. The place of Phat Diem in the northern city is the spiritual home for the Catholics of Vietnam. Over hundred of Catholics congregate in Phat Diem for Christmas Eve. The church of the city becomes the place for staging a nativity play by the children to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christ is known as Kito in Vietnamese.
People celebrate Christmas in Vietnam with equal enthusiasm and grandeur as they celebrate New Year in Vietnam.

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