Churches in Goa

Goa, is home to many beautiful churches. Well acclaimed for its architectural marvels Goa houses some of the country’s most historical Churches. Since the Portuguese were seriously dedicated to church building, Goa boasts of an unmatched architectural splendor as far as its churches go. Apart from the beaches Goa witnesses a huge influx of people every year who visit this holy land to pay homage to some of the most brilliant pieces of religious significance.

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier Goa – One of the most prominent tourist’s attractions in the region the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier Goa is dedicated to St Francis Xavier. Known as Santo Pedro the famous saint is said to have built this church himself. Located on the banks of the River Mandovi this church is said be miraculous by its believers. Perfectly styled in Doric architecture this church is built with lime mortar and laterite plaster. The church offers one major altar for evening prayers and a multitude of handwritten scripts that only point out the fact that this holy place is dedicated to the holy saint Francis Xavier.

Church of Our Lady of Rosary – Known as one of the oldest churches in Goa the Our Lady of Rosary was built way back in the 16th century. Holding behind a strong historical significance this church is one of the most frequented by its devotees. Built on the spot where Alphonso de Albuquerque witnessed the conquest of Goa in 1510 this church is the only complete structure in old Goa. Beautifully intermixed with renaissance and gothic architectures the church offers 3 chapels and 2 altars that are meant for silent prayers.

Chapel of St. Catherine Goa – One of the renowned churches of Goa that lures millions of devotees every year the Chapel of St. Catherine was built by Alphonso Albuquerque in 1510. Holding a strong historical significance this church is dedicated to St Catherine. Upgraded to the status of a Cathedral on 1534 by Pope Paul III this church is built in free renaissance architecture.

Church and Convent of St. Monica –
One of the Churches in Goa solely meant as a residing place for nuns this church was built in 1627. Located on the holy hill of Goa this Church is an imposing three storied building that easily accommodates more than 100 nuns. A Church that shelters a number of destitute females and illegitimate children the Convent of St Monica is said to be blessed by God. Built in traditional Doric and Tuscan styles the church has two main altars for prayers.

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