Addressed as ‘Kota Udang’ [prawn or shrimp city] since situated in the northern coastal line of Java. Cirebon literally stands from ci and rebon which is rebon is local language to address shrimp.

This city known as one of the harbour city in west Java. Also a religious city where Sunan Gunung Jati, one of the Nine Saints of Wali Songo set his foot for spreading Islam. In another point, Cirebon is a unique city which have two palaces; Istana Kasepuhan [The Elder] and Istana Kanoman [The Younger]. That’s happened during old centuries, whenever Dutch playing role divide et impera for reducing the power of Sultan Cirebon [the King of Kacirebonan].

Beside historical trip, Cirebon also have delicious traditional meals so called Nasi Jamblang. Steam ride wrapped in teakwood leaf and served with several assortments.

And another point of interest is old sugar mills that still running nowadays.