Ciudad del este

The Eastern City at 327 kilometers away from capital Asuncion is a young city founded only four decades ago, on the border with Brazil. It is the country’s leading commercial center due to the flow of imports and exports and because it has the only bridge between Paraguay and Brazil.

Mostly a commercial city, there isn’t too much to see in the city. Nearby attractions are the Iguazu falls, located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, considered one of the world’s great wonders. More than 250 water falls spread in an incredible tropical landscape, which you can enjoy through ramps and observatories.

North of Ciudad del Este, the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Dam was the largest such project in the world, with a total length of 8 kilometres and a height of 225 meters. It has 14 gigantic spillways which form artificial waterfalls and generate an ubelievable 12,600,000 kilowatts of clean electric energy.

To the south is Paraguays highest waterfall, the Salto Monday. Located on any other place it would be quite a sight, but so close to Iguaz it doesnt attract much visitors. At just half an hour busride out of town its worth a little detour though. There is an excellent and cheap vegetarian restaurant cum alternative hospital with view on the falls, at just a few hundred meters from the falls.
To get there take any city bus that says Puerto Franco or Monday and ask the driver two times to tell you where to get off.