The unofficial capital of Transylvania, the 2000 years old Cluj-Napoca (during the Roman occupation it was called Napoca) is one of the most vibrant cities in Romania. With a population of around 400000 people out of which around 70000 college students, the city is bursting with energy year round. Located in a hilly area, the city spreads itself around the Somes river towards the surrounding hills. The architecture in the downtown is reminiscent of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, while elements of modernism have now been added to give the city a modern, exciting feel.

There are lots of museums, parks and a European renowned Botanical Garden that are sure to appeal even to the most demanding visitor. Not to mention the countless cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos where one can have a great time at any time of day or night.

As a side-note, Cluj-Napoca is one of the only cities (if not THE only) in the world that has 2 National Opera Houses in two different languages (Romanian and Hungarian). This city’s personality comes from its multiculturality and diversity.