Cockpit Country

The Cockpit Country is an area of rugged terrain located in central Jamaica. The area spans almost five parishes, however is predominantly ib the parish of Trelawny. The Cockpit ares is the classic of kerst topography in the world. An expansive are of limestons, the area has succumbed to regular dissolution by rain water as well as the collapse of weathered limestone. As a consequence the area bears resemblance to an inverted egg tray with a multitude of towere karsts bordered by sagging valleys. The area is rippled with caves and underground rivers and springs, another defining feature of the landscape. The physical appearence of the area makes for a very picturesque landsacpe and a difficult hiking trail.

The Cockpit Country boasts a high level of endimism and biodiversity. It is home to several species of Jamaica’s endemic flora and fauna. It is the last refugr of the Giant Swallowtail butterfly, the largest of its kind in the Americas. Many of the planst have been lauded for their medicinal purposes and are said to hold the key to the cure of several diseases.

The Cockpit Country is home to the Maroons, a set of indigenous people who had defeated the British in the 18th century and claimed their right to freedom and the land. The Maroons are known for their independence and rich legacy as freedom fighters in Jamaica. They are also credited as being the pioneers of Jamaica’s famous jerk. They are hospitable and friendly and very eager to share their way of life.