One of the famous beaches of Goa, this whitish-silver sands beach is a treat to those who want to have a lovely sunbathe and a peaceful relaxed moment. The waves of the Arabian sea, the marriage of fresh water streams in the sea, the long stretch of beach, the beautiful coconut palms swinging by the wind, etc. Colvá beach or Praia da Colvá that was located in ilha de Salcete do Sul and belonged to the Portuguese appointed governing Roiz family for centuries. Along the beach coastline lived only the people with their families who were appointed as fishermen. In the rest of the village lived toddy tappers, farmers, craftsman and other occupations. Colva is a beach located in south goa. Goa is easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, but the easiest way to reach Colva is to either take a train or bus to Margao. The Station code for Margao is MAO. A few of the popular trains from Mumbai to Margao are the Konkan Kanya Express, The Mandovi Express, The Matsyagandha Express or the Janshatabdi.

If you are looking forward to enjoy the beautiful roads in around Colva, you can hire a bike. It is the best way to explore the beauty of Goa. You can travel to your destination in short time. Charges are very nominal.

Colvakars or people from Colvá love their fish and seafood. The cuisine of Colvá is influenced by Hindu Gaud Saraswat Brahmin origins and four hundred years of Portuguese governance and recently a blend of modern techniques. The locals enjoy rice with fish curry (xitt kodi in Konkani) and is the staple diet in Goa. Colvá cuisine is famous for its rich variety of fish dishes cooked with elaborate recipes. Coconut and coconut oil are widely used in cooking along with chili peppers, spices and vinegar giving the food a unique flavour. Various seafood delicacies gets the mouth watering, kingfish (visvonn) is the most common delicacy. Others include pomfret, shark, tuna and mackerel. Among the shellfish are crabs, prawns, tiger prawns, lobster, squid and mussels. Colvá food has pork dishes such as vindaloo, chouriço and sorpotel. Beef dishes and chicken xacuti are cooked for major occasions amongst the Catholics.

Accommodation available at nominal charges.