Coral Reefs of Mauritius

The emerald island of Mauritius, glistening like a speck of diamond of diamond in the swirling waters of Indian Ocean is encircled by one of the world’s largest unbroken coral reef systems. The coral reefs of Mauritius are spectacular to behold and no words are sufficient enough to describe its unparalleled beauty.
The island of Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs that have resulted in the creation of beautiful lagoons. Consequently, it has also led to the formations of the amazing pristine beaches that have made Mauritius such a prolific tourist destination all across the world. The coastline, protected by the coral reefs is the favorite haunt of tourists looking for an exotic vacation stay amidst unspoiled natural beauty.

The coral reef surrounding the island nation of Mauritius is broken in several places, hence allowing surf to crash through. The biggest of such breaks can be seen on the southern coast between Souillac and Le Bouchon. From between the breaks, the white coral sand beaches entice the tourists to come and frolic in the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean.
The coral reefs are home to some of the most stupendous form of marine flora and fauna. Numerous exotic varieties of fish seek shelter in the nooks and crevices of the coral reefs. Also, the coral reefs have different types of underwater plants sprouting from them.

Coral reefs are living eco-systems thriving in the tropical waters of Mauritius. The coral reefs of Mauritius have indeed become a major tourist attraction of the country. Tourists are forever clamoring to have a glimpse of these living corals reefs and the mystic underwater world of Mauritius. Tourists eager to witness the beauty of the coral reefs of Mauritius can do so with the help of snorkeling and scuba diving. Other options include cruising along on a glass-bottom boat that allows on to see the corals present in the shallow water. Nowadays, there are even special submarines that take tourists underwater. Traveling in total security and comfort of these air-conditioned submarines is a memorable way of experiencing the coral reefs of Mauritius.

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