Corum is a city in north-central Turkey. It lies on the edge of a fertile plain. A historic town on old trade routes from central Anatolia to the Black Sea coast. Corum became famous for its hand-spinning and weaving cottage industries, the manufacture of copper utensils, and its leather products. It is also the main trading centre for the surrounding plain; the plain, watered by the Kizil River (the ancient Halys), produces cereals, fruits, tobacco, and sugar beets.

The remarkable specialty of the district is that it was one of the main settlement centers of the early Hittite era.


Corum today is a lovely and modern province with rich natural, cultural and economic resources. Of particular interest, is the fineness of the chickpeas found here, and the region is famed for the delicious roasted chickpeas.

Osmancik and Sungurlu in the environs of the city, offer beautiful architectural works. The 13th – century Ulu Mosque built by the Seljuks, is one example, while the 19th- century clock tower constitutes another attractive monument.