Crafts of Orissa

The unique range of Orissa crafts portrays the rich artistic caliber and creative imagination of the local craftsmen. An important social and cultural hub of India, Orissa is known for its exclusive saris, metal works, sand arts, stone and wood carvings, terracotta work and hornwork.

The metal work industry of Orissa produces exclusive items of metal wares, antique pieces of jewelries and other decorative products. The areas of Phulbani, Tarva, Behrampur, Kantilo and Chandanpur specialize in carving excellent products of metal wares.

The cotton and silk saris with unique design patterns of Orissa have an internationally acclaimed status. An integral part of traditional Indian culture, the saris of Orissa is worn on special festive occasions. The harmonious blend of colors coupled with the unique design patterns makes the saris of Orissa very attractive. Most of the tourists who visit the place make it a point to purchase the beautiful product of Orissa sari industries. Ikat and Bomkai are some of the prominent saris of Orissa.

The local craftsmen of Orissa produce exclusive decorative items from the horns of animals. Decorated with exclusive designs, the hornwork of Orissa reflects the rich artistic bend of mind of the local artisans.

Stone and wood carving industries of Orissa produce beautiful decorative items. The local craftsmen carve unique designs on the stones and woods to impart an attractive look to the items. The stone and wood carving industry is a prominent industry of Orissa that has helped to strengthen the economic base of the state.

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