The autonomous republic of Crimea is part of the Ukraine, and is within the peninsula from which it gets it’s name. It is washed by the Black Sea on the West, South, and South East, and by The Azov Sea in the North East. In the North, the peninsula connects with the continental Ukraine.


Crimea is very rich in nature. The is referred to as the Microcontinent because there are so many different natures landscapes. The highest point of the Crimea is Roman Kosh at 1545 meters. At the South, The Crimean Mountains form three ridges that reach for 180 km, from Sevastopol to Feodosia. Along The Famous Ridge (theSouth ridge)is situated the narrow (2-3 km) valley which is the South side of Crimea. The Crimea is a wonderful place with a peculiar history, culture,traditions, and a unique landscape. Crimea is one of the largest and most famous health resorts of the former USSR If you visit the Crimea, and explore it’s beauty and rich culture, you will certainly wish to return.

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