Crovie pronounced ‘Crivie’ is a village sited at the shore below rugged cliffs. This was in the days of sail a busy fishing community, however today the village comprises almost totally of holiday homes. Situated in Aberdeenshire on the Moray Firth coast the village has tremendous sea views and during the summer often has spectacular sunsets. In the winter months the ‘Northern lights’ can often be seen. This is the place to go if you’re looking for peace and tranquility and is very popular with artists and photographers. Occasionally you can see the dolphins leaping in the bay and if in a small boat you may spot the odd ‘Minke whale’. To the east of the village is ‘Troup Head’ which has now been recognized by the RSPB as a site of importance regarding breeding colonies of gannets, puffins, guillimots, razor-bills, cormorants, and all types of gulls. Birds such as the ‘Great Skua’ are often seen out at sea attacking and harassing other gulls.

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