Cruise Tours in Kiribati

Cruise Tours in Kiribati will be a memorable experience for you and Fanning Island remains the best option for this. Cruise Tours in Kiribati with Norwegian Cruise Line will give you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the unspoilt island of Fanning, a land of immense natural beauty and fascinating culture. Here, you will know about the history of the island and visit the cluster of homes of the village, the NCL Primary School and the seaweed farms.
Fanning island boasts of one of the most pristine and perfect beaches in the world. Napali Beach on Fanning Island, located inside the lagoon, is a private water sports beach of the Norwegian Cruise Line. Take a trip to the Napali Beach and you can go for kayaking or other exciting water sports activities. Or, you can ride jet skis, sail hobby cats or rent paddle boats for a fun-filled experience. You can also laze around the afternoon floating in the shallow lagoon.
Scuba diving and Snorkeling trips along the outer reef can be made part of the Cruise Tours in Kiribati. This will give you an opportunity to explore and experience the amazing underwater sea life rich with colorful corals, giant parrotfish, butterfly fish, sea turtles, giant manta rays and reef sharks. You can also go one step forward and can rent a bicycle to discover the outer villages and explore the scenic surroundings of this bewitching island and brilliant sea. This will also give you the never before opportunity to interact with the local people, meet the chirpy kids and spot giant land crabs!
With Cruise Tours in Kiribati, you can come to the open–air straw. This market offers an amazing souvenir shopping experience. Coming here, you will find a huge variety of authentic regional stuffs which you can take back home as great souvenir items for your near and dear ones. You can pick up from an assortment of shell jewelries, ornaments, hand carved shark tooth knives, postcards, collectors’ stamps and lots more. You can also enjoy a barbeque feast where local dance groups dressed in traditional grass skirts perform.