Cruise Vacation in Mexico

Cruises in Mexico feature great food, a variety of activities to choose from, fabulous entertainment, and interesting ports of call. Many major cruise lines offer itineraries in Mexico, along the Mexican Riviera (West coast), or the Mayan Riviera (East coast).
Cruise Vacation Packing List
If traveling with a companion or spouse, divide your checked items into two (or more) suitcases. That way, if one is lost, you will both have some clothing to wear! It would be terrible for your spouse to have all of his clothes and you to have nothing but your carry-on. Also, be sure to carry-on anything that you cannot live without for a couple of days (or more), just in case your luggage is lost or delayed. Just Check that you carry –
* Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation
* Cruise documents
* Passports and visas (if necessary) or proof of citizenship (check with your cruise line for requirements)
* Vaccination certificate (if required)
* Driver’s license and auto insurance card – in case you decide to rent a car when ashore
* Medical insurance cards and medical history (especially if traveling alone)
* Copy of prescriptions and list of all medicines you are taking
* Another picture ID – if you don’t take driver’s license
* Credit cards – be sure to call credit card companies before traveling to alert them you are traveling outside your normal area
* ATM card
* Pre-paid phone card
* Cash or traveler’s checks (be sure to keep traveler’s checks receipt in separate location)
* 3 copies of airline tickets, cruise tickets, passports/visas, itinerary – pack 1 copy in carry on, 1 copy in checked luggage, and leave one copy with someone at home. Alternatively, you can scan the documents and email an electronic copy to yourself so that you can access them from any computer terminal.
* Contact numbers to report lost/stolen credit cards or traveler’s checks
* Emergency numbers at home
* Currency conversion chart
* Wallet and fanny pack
* watch – dual time zone watch is perfect!
Beside these you carry all the thing need for daily purposes like cosmetic items, medicine kit, camera etc.

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