Cruises in Tonga

When you are on a trip to Tonga, do not miss the opportunity of going for cruises in Tonga. The waters around Vava’u are known to be the best for going on cruises in Tonga. When you are going for cruising in Tonga then you should also have the opportunity of meeting various village communities.
There are various cruise liners companies which offer cruising opportunities to the tourists visiting Tonga. Among them the most famous one is Nai’a cruise liner. It is a 120 feet luxurious cruise liner which is custom built for supporting scuba diving. At a given time, about 18 people can board the cruise liner. There is huge dive deck and when you come back after diving, you will find people waiting for you with fresh towels. You can enjoy hot showers in the liner itself.
Another ocean liner offering cruises in Tonga is the Oleanda which is the 129-foot luxury cruise liner. It was the first vessel to start operating in Tongan waters. It is smaller in size and therefore can easily take you cruising among the coral islands. You can also visit the uninhabited islets and the untouched coral reefs. The adventure sports that you can enjoy here are swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. It offers the best possible way to visit the whole of Tonga.
Another cruise liner offering you cruises in Tonga is the liner- Sailing Safaris. This liner offers yacht charters, humpback whale excursions and snorkeling trips. The owner of the Sailing Safaris ocean liner is also one of the preservers of the humpback whales and thus would take you to the best spots where you can see the humpback whales in action.
Sunsail Tonga is another cruise liner company which has a wide range of yachts and catamarans. Enjoy a cruise in any of the yachts or sailing catamarans.
If you want to go for eco tours in the surrounding villages and enjoy exploring the marine caves, go past the rocky shorelines and get mesmerized by the coral reefs, then hire a kayak from the company-Sea Kayaking. These kayaks also offer equipments for snorkeling and whale watching.