Cuisine in Kiribati

Culture of Kiribati is rich and colorful and Cuisine in Kiribati is a unique feature of it. Located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean, Kiribati, officially the Republic of Kiribati consists of 33 atolls. Cuisine in Kiribati has fully maintained the health and life of the people.
According to the Kiribati inhabitants, a substance, traditionally known as ‘te renga’, represented the food of ancestors which made the mouth when it was eaten. In fact, this substance was chewed with the leaf of a certain tree. They were conscious of the fact that te renga was meant to keep away ghosts. In Kiribati almost every person has a strong belief that food is a gift of gods and it should be treated with respect. Kiribati Cuisine is mainly based on sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and astringent ingredients and flavors.
Ingredients used – The main dish in Kiribati is rice which is usually served with most meals. Food in Kiribati also comprises fish and seafood, such as fresh shellfish, crabs and shrimps. Kiribati people also use all sorts of sauces and spices. Seafood is full of flavor if it is left uncooked in a vinaigrette matrix, grilled, and even stuffed with onions wrapped in banana leaves. Exotic Kiribati Cuisine is based on coconut and coconut milk that are used in cooking meat and vegetable dishes. In addition to this, coconuts are also used in preparing mouth-watering desserts like macapuno or thick dessert jam, bibingka or pudding made of rice, coconut milk, Sugar and eggs.
Popular Recipes – Most of the restaurants in Kiribati are situated mainly in the larger towns. Local specialties in the southern islands include the boiled fruit of pandanus (screwpine), sliced thinly and spread with coconut cream. A popular Kiribati delicacy is palu sami, which is prepared with coconut cream and served with sliced onion and curry powder, wrapped in taro leaves and pressure cooked in an earth-oven packed with seaweed. It can be eaten on its own or served with roast pork or chicken.
Kiribati is one of the renowned tropical island paradises on the Pacific. Come to Kiribati and taste the delicious and scrumptious Cuisine in Kiribati!

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