Cuisine in South Korea

Cuisine in South Korea is based on the conventional foods and preparation techniques of Korea. Ranging from the composite Korean royal court cuisine to the local specialties and contemporary fusion cuisine, the ingredients and preparation are richly varied. Many of the cuisine in South Korea are becoming internationally popular. The local ingredients, preparations and the taste of Cuisine in South Korea have a unique aroma of their own.
The Cuisine in South Korea is principally based on tofu, rice, noodles, vegetables and meats. The traditional Korean meals are distinguished for the number of side dishes like the banchan, which accompany the ubiquitous steam-cooked short-grain rice, soup, and kimchi. Every meal in Korea is accompanied along with the numerous banchan.
The Cuisine in South Korea is usually seasoned with specialties like sesame oil, doenjang (fermented soybean paste), soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger and gochujang (red chili paste). The country of Korea is the largest consumer of garlic. In this case the country is ahead of the rest of Asia particularly China and Thailand, and the Northern Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece.
The Korean cuisine varies seasonally. During the season of winter, the traditional food usually depends on the kimchi and other pickled vegetables preserved in big ceramic containers. These are stored underground in outdoor courtyards. The style of preparation of Korean food is generally very labor-intensive and consumes a lot of time too.
The Korean royal cuisine is once only enjoyed by the royal court of the Joseon period. It takes hours to days to prepare this special cuisine. The Cuisine in South Korea must harmonize the contrasting characteristics of the cuisines like hot and mild, warm and cold, rough and soft, solid and liquid, and equilibrium of appearance colors. The food is also often served on hand-forged bronzeware or bangjjaa. The foods in South Korea are served in a precise display of small dishes alternating to stress the shape and color of the ingredients.
The tourists can enjoy the taste of the traditional cuisines of South Korea at the various restaurants in the county. Some of these traditional royal cuisines can be very expensive. The Restaurants that serve the traditional royal cuisine can be found in select locations within the city of Seoul.

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