Cuisine of Bahrain

The cuisine of Bahrain satisfies the taste buds of all the travelers coming in from different parts of the world. The predominant food item that you will come across in the cuisine of Bahrain is the fresh fish from the Gulf.

Those who have tried out the Bahrain cuisine will find that it has some influence of the Arab cuisine as well since it is an important country of the Arab world and people from the Arab countries have come and settled here thereby leaving a mark of their own cuisine. The traditional food of Bahrain includes fish, rice, dates and meat.The travelers prefer to visit he various restaurants and bars in Bahrain.

These restaurants lining the streets are favorite haunts of the global travelers as they get to sample the authentic flavor of the country. One of the renowned Bahrain dish is the ‘machboos’ which is made up of fish or meat and is served along with rice. Another well-known food is the ‘muhammar’ which is basically sweet rice served with sugar or dates.

Since fishes are an important part of the cuisine so there are various dishes prepared with it like frilled fish, fried fish and even steamed fish. The fishes are usually eaten with rice and since the island had seen a century long British rule so the fish has become so popular in the cuisine of Bahrain. The popular fish in Bahrain include Chanad (mackerel), Safi (rabbit fish) and Sobaity.

Dining in Bahrain is a great fun. You must also try out another delicacy, the Qozi which is chiefly grilled lamb stuffed with rice along with boiled eggs, spices and onions. The residents of Bahrain are also in favor of the Arabian food like the ‘shwarma’ which is chicken or lamb carved from a rotating spit and wrapped in pita bread and the ‘falafel’ which are fried balls of chickpeas that are served in a bread.

The sweet dishes include the ‘khubz’ which is a flat beard baked in a special oven. The people of baurain also like coffee known as ‘gahwa’ locally. It is usually poured into a coffee-pot called dalla and served in small cups made especially for coffee, finjan.

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