Cuisine of Nauru

Cuisine of Nauru consists chiefly of seafood items. Fish is an integral part of Nauruan cuisine. Nauru is an island nation. The cuisine of Nauru also makes use of bananas and coconuts. Spices are also common in Nauruan dishes.

Nauru is a beautiful small island. It is located in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Solomon Islands are the nearest nation from Nauru. Travelers come here for spending vacation. They would simply love the local cuisine of Nauru.

Nauru cuisine depends heavily on the wild species of palm trees. These trees are used in various dishes of Nauru cuisine. Coconuts are another common additions in Nauru cuisine. Nauru has huge banana plantations. Bananas are liberally used in the dishes. Desserts in Nauru are made of bananas.
Fish is preferred by the majority of people. The island nation lies on the Pacific Ocean. Travelers would simply love the dishes made out of fishes. The seafood is a specialty of Nauru.

Nauru history throws light on the fact that it was a German colony. The cuisine of Nauru has strong influence of German dishes. Nauru was also a colony of Australia in the first part of the 20th century. It was also ruled by the English in the mid 20th century. The years of foreign rule has left a strong impact on food habits of Nauru’s people.

The people in Nauru are a mix of different nationalities. Nauru Island has a large number of Chinese and Vietnamese communities. Europeans are also found here. These cross cultural influence have given diversity to the cuisine of the country.
The cuisine of Nauru is light and has unique flavors. Travelers would enjoy tasting the different dishes. The capital of Nauru, Yaren offers visitors with wide choices. The dining outlets in the capital offer fresh seafood dishes. The restaurants in the capital also offer authentic dishes. The food of the island uses strong flavors in the dishes. Exotic fruits and vegetables are offered in the meals. Anibare Bay is another good destination to treat the palate with of range of seafood delicacies.

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