Cuisine of Portugal

Cuisine in Portugal is characterized by full flavored and rich filling dishes. These cuisines are the best examples of the Mediterranean diet. The influence of the formal colonial possessions of Portugal is very much found in its different cuisines. This is found especially in the huge variety of spices that is used in the dishes. These spices include the piri piri which are fiery, small chilly peppers. Other spices include saffron, vanilla and cinnamon. The Portuguese cuisines have got Moorish and Arab influences. One of the most important bases of the cuisine of Portugal is Olive oil, which is used for cooking and also for flavoring. Garlic is very much in use apart from herbs like parsley and coriander.

The breakfast in this part of the world consists of fresh bread with cheese, butter. There are fruit preserves as well which one can have with milk or strong coffee. Sweet pastries are also very common. Cereals are also eaten which are mixed with yoghurt and milk. The seafood of Portugal is very popular since this place is a seafaring nation. The fish is served here in various ways like boiled at times with flavored olive oil, grilled, roasted and even fried. The most consumed type of fish in Portugal is the salted cod and the most popular dish is bacalhau. Other popular fish and sea animals, which are served here, include sardines, octopus, crabs, squid, lobster, horse mackerel, assadas, sea bass, lamprey, variety of shellfish and scabbard. Caldeirada is a very popular cuisine, which is mainly a stew that consists of shellfish and variety of fish with tomatoes, potatoes and onions.

Sardines are also prepared in various ways in Portugal. There are many poultry farm and meat is also eaten here. Many meat preparations are made here which are really very delicious. The local cuisines of these places are all very popular among the visitors coming here. The drinks and desserts of Portugal are also very popular. There are innumerable cuisines in Portugal from which the visitors can choose.