Cuisine of San Marino

The Cuisine of San Marino is exotic and is sure to satisfy your taste buds. This is a beautiful tourist spot that is positioned in the Apennine ranges. It is a landlocked enclave that is drained by three rivers: Ausa, San Marino and Marano. It is the smallest European microstate and has the smallest population among the European nations. You must definitely sample the many dishes from the Cuisine of San Marino while you are on a trip to these places.
The Cuisine of San Marino resembles that of Italy. It also bears close resemblance to the neighboring Emilia-romagna and Marche regions. The place has its own unique cuisine. The most well known cuisine is Torta tre Monti. This is a layered chocolate cake which depicts the three towers of San Marino.
There are many local dishes of the Cuisine of San Marino that are very popular with the tourists. Fagioli con le Cotiche is a delicious Christmas bacon and bean soup. Pasta e cece is a chickpea and noodle soup comprising rosemary and garlic. Nidi di Rondine is a pasta dish which also contains smoked ham, cheese, tomato sauce and beef. Pieda is one of the popular food items in the region.
Torta Titano is one of the special dishes of the Cuisine of San Marino. This comprises chocolate, cream, hazelnuts, biscuit and coffee. Bustrengo is another dessert that is made with dried fruits, honey and nuts. Verretta is a delicious dessert made of chocolate wafers, praline and hazelnuts. Caccaiatello is a delicious dessert that is made of eggs, milk and sugar. The Zuppa di ciliege is made of cherries that are stewed in red wine and put on bread and served.
Wine is an important part of the Cuisine of San Marino. Some of the wines produced in the region are: Tessano and Brugneto. Tessano is the popular cask-aged red wine. The country also produces Roncale and Biancale. These are white wines. The aniseed flavored Mistra is also very popular. Tilus is a truffle-flavored drink. Duca di Gualdo is a herbal drink that is widely popular in the region. Gorging on the many delicacies that are available in the region is sure to be exciting.

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