Cuisine of Saudi Arabia

Delicious and spicy food is what the Cuisine of Saudi Arabia is all about. The Saudi Arabian Cuisine was influenced by the Bedouin culture. Most of their recipes are mouth savoring and spicy. This spicy taste in their food perhaps owes a lot to the spice trade route that ran through the region.
Tourists who visit Saudi Arabia would never have to worry about What/Where to Eat in Saudi Arabia. They would have an exhaustive menu to choose from. The staple Cuisine of Saudi Arabia is the Al-kabsa. It is primarily a rice dish that is cooked with red or white meat or chicken in a pot. Spices and salads are also added to the dish. People in Saudi Arabia have a fetish for meat and therefore the Cuisine in Saudi Arabia in Asia is mostly a combination of rice and meat dishes. Some of the famous dishes here are:
– Al-mandi – Rice with barbequed lamb or chicken and water.
– Al-mathbi – grilled lamb or chicken
– Salek – rice with milk and lamb.
– Ais bel- lahm – Braed with meat.
There are a number of meals included in the Cuisine of Saudi Arabia. To name a few – Jarish, which is prepared by cooking wheat with Laban (sour milk) or milk and adding spices to it; Qursan , which is wheat loafs with gravy; Mathulutha, which again is a combination of rice and Jarish; Aysh abu laham is a pizza like preparation. Such delicacies make are enticing enough.
The Saudi Arabian’s are also staunch followers of the Quran . Since the Quran prohibits consumption of alcohol and eating of lamb the people of Saudi Arabia conform to it. Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia also influence the food habits. It is a custom in Saudi Arabia to treat guests to coffee and date palms. The Saudi Arabia Travel Guide offers further information on Culture of Saudi Arabia, Climate of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Food Event in Saudi Arabia and Provinces of Saudi Arabia.

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