Cuisine of Switzerland

Switzerland is very famous for its cuisine and has a wide range of local food that the guests can relish on. Swiss food is basically more to rural dishes. Swiss cooking includes many diary products such as cheese, milk, cream, butter and yoghurt. Swiss cheese is very famous and here you will find a large variety of it included in all the meals.
The basic ingredients of food of Switzerland include a huge selection of bread like the white bread and whole wheat bread etc. A wide assortment of vegetables ranging from beans, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, and spinach are greatly popular here. Meat, beef, pork, chicken and turkey are also served in different ways like grilled, cooked, sliced, or cut varieties. Fruit varieties in Switzerland include apples, pears, grapes and different types of berries like black berries, strawberries, blue berries and red currants.
Food of Switzerland is also characterized by the food habits of the natives here that vary widely. Basically breakfast includes bread, butter, margarine, cheese, honey and real muesli with milk, tea or coffee. Lunch in most parts comprises of sandwiches or Bircher muesli while dinner is complete with bread, cheese and dried meat. French fries, rice, potatoes and different types of pasta are also favorite food items here. The people in Switzerland prefer to use fresh cut vegetables and fruits with a lot of colorful salads.
One of the other important courses is desert that includes cheese flavored cakes or cookies. A lot of sweets in different varieties are also available here. Switzerland is world famous for its Swiss chocolates and fondue and these encompass an essential element of food in Switzerland.Swiss Food is featured in the numerous restaurants and eateries housed here. There are many fast food joints too where you will get various types of burger, fish, chips etc. Pastas are also very popular and potatoes are prepared in several ways here. Limited vegetarian options are available here with meals generally constituting of meat, fresh water fish, and seafood.
While on Switzerland tours, do not miss to feast on the various sausage preparations like Schublig, Bratwurst and Wienerly. Delicious snacks called salamis are very popular here too. In the season of mushrooms, special dishes of mushrooms like crouttes and risotto are available. Different pies and tarts are also quite popular. There is one very popular dish called Raclette, which is a Valais dish. It is prepared traditionally by melting mountain cheese near fire and then mixing it with potatoes and sour pickles. Cheese items such as cheese on toast, cheese tartlets and cheese fitters are also essential ingredients of Swiss food.