Cuisine of Turkey

Cuisine of Turkey comprises a fusion of Arabic, Turkic, Persian, Armenian, Mediterranean, Black sea and Middle Eastern cuisines. Get to know more about Food of Turkey through Turkey Travel Guide.
Breakfast – During breakfast the Turkish people have white cheese, fresh tomatoes, bread with honey, black olives and egg.
Lunch – At the time of lunch the Turkish people have bulgar pilaf dish or rice, lemon grilled fresh fish, lamb or chicken baked with eggplant and spiced up with peppers. Soups are a must-have during lunches as well as dinners. Some of the varieties of soups that feature in Turkish cuisine are red lentil soup, wedding soup made from lamb shanks and egg broth. Other favorite dishes are grilled lamp chops.
Dinner – Dinner begins with appetizers or mezeler. The other dishes served during dinner are roasted pureed eggplant, fillet filled pastas, chopped salads, lamb meatballs, mackerel with pilaf stuffings, sardines wrapped with grape leaves. The special feature of Turkish food is that food items like peppers and tomatoes are cooked with olive oil.
Desserts – For desserts the Turkish people have filo doughs, dried apricots served in syrup, puddings of rose water, melons and other fresh fruits.
Beverages – In the day time the Turkish people prefer to have tea. The tea is served in special crystal glasses having the shape of tulip. You will find tea houses in the villages of Turkey. While coffee houses are common in cities. In winter the Turkish people enjoy cinnamon flavored sahlep which is prepared from iris roots. The other popular winter drink is boza which is prepared by fermenting barley. Other popular drinks in Turkey are Raki, turnip juice, elma chai, sour cherry juice, apple peel tea and rose tea.