Cuisine of UAE

The popular cuisines of UAE adequately reflects it Arabic heritage. Arabic food is generally a mixture of different foods and flavors. It is served with different types of bread and a huge platter of fresh salad and vegetables.
Some of the popular UAE cuisines are mentioned below-
Arabic Mezze is one of the most loved cuisines in UAE. It is usually eaten with hand and the bread is used to scoop up the food. Hot mezzes include chicken shawarma (meat from a spit kebab). Falafel is another cuisine in UAE that one can try. It is made local from mashed chickpeas and spices and rolled into balls and generally eaten usually eaten with spicy aubergines, bread and hummus. Kebab Kashkash -a dish of meat and spices in a tomato sauce is favorite in UAE.
Some of the other local UAE cuisines include Matchbous, spiced lamb with rice, Harries, Umm ali, a type of bread pudding, Esh asarya, a kind of cheese cake with cream topping and Mahalbiya which is also a kind of delicious pudding favored by the Arabs. Apart from all these due to the availability of palm trees dates are very popular and eaten fresh or dried with lots of UAE cuisines. Shawama is another Middle Eastern snack which one can find in small shops across the country. It is a grilled Shavings of chicken or lamb mixed with salad and rolled inside Arabic breads. Coffee is also very popular in UAE.
But cuisines in UAE are not limited to Arabic tastes. Especially in Dubai one can find a lot of international cuisines. There are lots of European and Indian restaurants offering delicious food for the gastronomically adventurous.
Lebanese cuisine is one of the most common foods in Dubai. You would find out some of the best Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. Lebanese delicacies are usually served with Arabic bread, fresh salad and pickles.
Another popular Dubai food is Iranian or Persian delicacies. Iranian food is known for its distinctive style as well as flavors. Spicy rice dishes are the major highlights of Iranian cuisine. Iranian dishes are usually served with lettuce, cabbage, tomato, onion and minty yogurt sauce. Iranian bread or Naan is popular worldwide. It is being baked in different ways. Lavash is one of the widely used form of Naan. It is very thin and square in shape with slight elasticity.

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