Cuisine of Ukraine

Travelers who come to Ukraine can have a taste of the mouth watering Cuisine in Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the popular tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. It is known for its rich culinary tradition that adds a special charm to your travels in the country. Ukraine is home to people of various castes and creeds. The diverse culture has led to the emergence of various forms of Cuisine in Ukraine.
Cuisine in Ukraine is very much influenced by the Culture of Ukraine. Various dishes in the country date back to the ancient ages. The cuisine in the country is influenced by German, Turkish and Polish dishes. Russian dishes also have a major influence in the Cuisine of Ukraine. Popular delicacies in the country consist of pork, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, berries, and herbs and so on.
Ukraine Cuisine plays a major part in glorifying the popularity of the country. The capital city of Kiev and other places are important centers of dining in the country. All these places consist of restaurants and bars which serve a wide variety of dishes and drinks. Various local brands of wines, beer and liquor are very popular among local people as well as tourists.
Some of the popular dishes in the country are Roast meat Pyrohy, Varenyky, Cabbage rolls and shkvarky. There are some vegetarian dishes as well as non vegetarian dishes. The food is prepared by local chefs and they are wonderful to taste. Fried beans and sausages are very popular among local people and various types of products are made of them.
Drinking is also one of the popular things to do in the country. Various alcoholic drinks also form a major part of the cuisine of Ukraine. There is a wide range of alcoholic beverages like horilka, Obolon, Lvivske, Chernihivske, Slavutych, Sarmat and Rogan. Crimea is a popular center for producing refreshing wines and liquor. Non alcoholic drinks like Compote, Kvas, Kefir and Ryazhanka are also very popular among local people as well as tourists.