Cuisines of Kerala – Enrich with Taste and Love

In Kerala, you can enjoy a cuisine enriched with cereals, vegetables, herbs, tropical fruits and seafood, and garnished with the distinctive aroma of pepper, cardamom and chillies. Rice forms the main ingredient in most of the Kerala cuisine and is served in different forms. Spices are generously used to enhance the taste for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. With so much of varieties to offer, the distinctive Kerala cuisine offers you with great opportunities for gastronomical experiments.

The people of Kerala like to enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfasts in the form of Puttu, Kadala curry, Appam, chicken stew, Iddiappam and vegetable stew. Puttu is made out of rice flour with plenty of coconut pieces and served with tasty kadala curry and fish curry. Appam are soft pancakes made out of rice and coconut milk and served with the Kerala chicken stew, while Iddiappams are noodle like rice cake served with sweet coconut milk or vegetable stew. Other specialties of Kerala cuisine are Sadya, Karimeen Pollichathu, Fish Moilee and Malabari Biryani. Sadya and Malabari Biryani are widely enjoyed and are hot favorites for tourists visiting Kerala. Sadya is mainly prepared for marriages and festivals and comprises as many as 40 vegetarian items. Its unique characteristic is that it’s served on a plantain leaf. Malabari Biryani is the fried rice mixed with spicy meat, chicken, fish or prawn and topped with hot spices. Dosa and Idly are also commonly enjoyed in Kerala. Visit Kerala and enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine of Kerala

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