Cuisines of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is known for its delicious and mouth watering food culture with the unique art of making the dishes. The manner of serving the food is also very special and unique because their culture is strongly believed that ‘Anna he poorna brahma’ meaning they consider ‘anna’, or food, equal to ‘Brahma’, or the creator of the universe. Food is God, to be worshipped. Their hospitality is world famous and represents India among the best hosts around the world. The region has both vegetarian and non vegetarian type of dishes.

Even within the state we can find the distinguished flavors in the food prepared. The cuisine of the state is divided into two main streams, the Konkani and the Varadi. Sea fishes and coconut are widely used in their preparation styles. Among the sea food, most of the dishes are made from bombil fish or Bombay duck, which is very popular. All non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are eaten with boiled rice or with bhakris, which are soft rotis made of rice flour. Special rice puris called vada and amboli, which is a pancake made of fermented rice, urad dal, and semolina, are also eaten as a part of the main meal.

The most popular vegetable of the state is brinjal. A special item is prepared of baby brinjals stuffed with coconut which is delicious. Maharashtrian fair is incomplete without Papads, which are eaten roasted or fried.

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