Culture in Kuwait

When you peek into the culture in Kuwait, you will find that there is an amalgamation of the old and the new, conservativeness and modernism, tradition and creativeness. Culture in Kuwait has come a long way and has a rich history to tell. To better understand and befriend the culture of Kuwait one must get an insight into the art and craft, music and dance, architecture, religion and cuisine of Kuwait.
Architecture in Kuwait is very unique and you will find that it reflects the presence of both typical traditional architecture and modern architectural styles. The only architectural features that were present in the Kuwait City during the 18th century comprised of a wall with five gates and two forts, one inside the city and the other one at Jahara. Another important aspect of Kuwait Culture features the Art and Crafts in Kuwait which is acclaimed all over the world and enriches the culture further more. The Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts, established in 1973 encourages the budding future artists in the field of theatrical arts and ethics, and promotes widespread theatrical appreciation and awareness. Another important institute which gives much boost to the art and craft in Kuwait is the Bayt Lothan in Kuwait.

While discussing about the culture in Kuwait, one cannot leave out the Music and Dance in Kuwait which is quite rich and old. The music is a mixture of the music of East Africa and India that was brought back by the Kuwaiti traders. The foreign traders who came to Kuwait for business also left their own music which added extra flavor to the music of Kuwait. The culture at Kuwait is very much influenced and defined by the lifestyle of the people living there. The effects of modernization has brought changes in the way of thinking of the localities and certain style of their housing, dressing, occupations and handicrafts but still other aspects of the Kuwaiti lifestyle have remained unaltered and reflects the traditional Islamic mannerisms. The official religion in Kuwait is Islam and the Kuwait population predominantly comprises of Muslims.

The culture of Kuwait remains incomplete till we discuss about the rich flavors aromas and delicacies which can be best described as Kuwait cuisine. One can look forward to experience tasting a wide range of foodstuff while in Kuwait due to its diverse population. Kuwait etiquette also comprises an important factor that reflects the culture in Kuwait as it shows how the people live, work, behave and socialize.