Culture of Belgium

The Culture of Belgium is varied and rich. Belgium Culture is actually depends on two aspects of cultural life. Sometimes, Culture of Belgium is portrayed as an essential part of European culture or Western culture, however all the chief communities make their individual and combined cultural choices from their own community. The Culture of Belgium is depicted in all aspects such as music, art, architecture and several other parts.

The Museums are the best places for getting an idea about the about the Culture of Belgium. Some of the most important museums are The Royal Museum for Fine Arts has a commendable selection of works by the Groeninge museum in Bruges and Peter Paul Rubens including the Flemish Primitives. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels also owns a concert hall, a cinema and artworks of several periods with a huge René Magritte selection. In addition to this, the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp is a world heritage site that also houses the collections of 17th century.

Culture of Belgium is also portrayed in the literature of this country. A number of French authors came to Belgium and thus, the French literature has also influenced the literature of Belgium. Belgium is the abode of a number of renowned authors and poets like Guido Gezelle, Emile Verhaeren, Max Elskamp, Maurice Maeterlinck, Paul van Ostaijen, Henri Michaux and Jacques Brel. Some popular writers like Hendrik Conscience, Charles de Coster, Willem Elsschot, Michel de Ghelderode, Georges Simenon and Louis Paul Boon had settled in this country.

Belgium is the abode to a number of most important European comic magazines and publishers like Le Lombard’s Tintin magazine and Casterman are the examples of its comic culture.

Music is another significant part of Culture of Belgium. Several well-known classical composers were born in the country of Belgium. The most famed is unquestionably Cesar Franck. However, Eugene Ysaye, Henri Vieuxtemps, Guillaume Lekeu and Wim Mertens are also worth mentioning. Of all the popular singers, the Bobbejaan Schoepen, Johnny Hallyday, Jacques Brel, Arno and Maurane are worth mentioning. Adolphe Sax, who was the creator of the saxophone, was the citizen of Belgium. Belgium has also an impressive jazz section that has achieved international acknowledgment with bands like Maak’s Spirit, Aka Moon and Octurn.

Architecture is another most important part of Culture of Belgium. There are still several old monuments in Belgium such as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Tournai and the Romanesque Collegiale Saint-Gertrude de Nivelles. The popular Art Nouveau architects like Henry Van de Velde and Victor Horta have their influences on the early 20th century architecture of the country.