Culture of Cambodia

The Culture of Cambodia reflects the true spirits and the rich heritage of the country. Cambodia has a varied and rich cultural heritage that dates back to several centuries. Interestingly, the Culture of Cambodia is said to be influenced from the varied and rich culture of India. The people of Cambodia are greatly religious and most of their culture are influenced from religion. They mainly follow the religious beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism. People, here, speak Khmer as the official language. Other international languages are also used which include French, Vietnamese, Chinese and English.

The Cambodians celebrate numerous Festivals and Events in Cambodia. They celebrate all types of festivals like religious festivals, cultural festivals and traditional festivals with great pomp and joy. Some of the major festivals that are celebrated in Cambodia includes Tet Festival, Cambodian New Year, New Year of Cambodia, Birthday of His Majesty King Norodom, Bonn Om Teuk, Bonn Chroat Preah Nongkoal and Bonn Pchum Ben. These festivals enliven the spirits of the people of Cambodia.
The rich Cambodia Culture is also greatly reflected through the various architectural structures constructed in the country. The Angkor Vat temple is the finest example of the architectural excellence. You can find numerous temples that are marked by the motifs of both Buddhist and Hindu mythology. Among the typical forms of Cambodian architecture included blind doors and windows, motifs of apsaras and devtas, central sanctuary, colonettes, corbelling, enclosures, galleries, gopuras, hall of dancers, house of fore, libraries, lintels, presence of nagas, srahs and barays.

Customs also form an important aspect of the culture of the country. The younger people should pay respect to the older one. In Khmer culture, a hierarchal title is given before the name of a person. The people wear checkered multipurpose scarf which is called a Krama. Wearing a Buddha pendant is considered as a lucky charm. The wedding traditions also uphold the rich Cambodia Culture.

Cambodian music is distinctly sweet, melodious and mellifluous. But over the years it has undergone westernization. Cambodia also has some typical musical instruments that are used to create various forms of melodious music. Khmer classical dance also is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of the country.

The popular sports that are played in this country include football and martial arts. Bokator, a popular form of Cambodian martial art, Pradel Serey and Khmer traditional wrestling are popular sports form. Cockfighting is also practiced in this country.
The delectable cuisine of Cambodia is another aspect of the Culture of Cambodia. The authentic Cambodian delicacies include kari dishes, rice noodles and varieties of fish preparations. Coconut milk, herbs, various spices are the main ingredient in the authentic Cambodian dishes. The cuisines of Cambodia reflect the taste of other South East Asian countries.

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