Culture of England

Culture of England is rich and varied; and both influences and is been influenced by the cultures of Europe and UK. It sometimes becomes difficult to separate the culture of England from the influences of the culture of the United Kingdom. Until recently, England was generally considered as a mild and fabled land just out of the 1930s, which was home of the country pub, post office and vicarage. Today it is known as one of the vibrant cities with pulsating nightlife and great attractions, in contrast to its green and pleasant countryside image.
From Stonehenge and Tower Bridge to Eton and Oxford, England is laden with treasured icons of past eras. Fashion, fine dining, clubbing and shopping in England rate with the world’s best. The Culture of England is effected by many aspects, most important of which include art of England, Cuisines of England, Folklore, History, Literature, Religion and Music of England.
Art of England has come along way and has developed over several millennia, to recent movements such as Brit Art and now encompasses a variety of forms which include photography, painting, sculpture and performance art. Cuisines of England also influence the England culture to a great extent. The urbanized workers of England were in many cases cut off from regional food traditions as the country was the first industrialized country of the world. More recently, a new style of cooking called Modern British has emerged that combines traditional British ingredients with foreign culinary influences.
English folklore that has evolved in England over a number of centuries is yet another aspect that influences the Culture of England. England thrives with folklore in all forms such as the traditional semi-mystical Arthurian legends and semi-historical Robin Hood tales, to contemporary urban myths and facets of crypto zoology.
Culture of England is lame till we include the heritage of the country as it is massively affected and influenced by it. In recent years, Stonehenge has become a focus for modern summer solstice celebrations. Though the Stonehenge pre-dates the existence of England as a nation, it is believed by many English people to hold an iconic place in the culture of England.
English literature has been made rich by the famous works by the popular writer of the past like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and many more. Just like literature, English music has been instrumental in influencing the England Culture to a large extent.