Culture of French Polynesia

The rich tradition and diverse Culture of French Polynesia enhance its popularity as a popular tourist destination. French Polynesia is a popular country in the South Pacific Ocean. It is known for its scenic beauty and charming atmosphere. Both domestic and international tourists as well as local people enjoy the diverse Culture of French Polynesia.

The Cultural tours in French Polynesia are a popular part of the French Polynesia tours. The tours are organized by the local tourist department as well as various travel agencies. The capital city of Papeete as well as various other tourist destinations are popular cultural hot spots in the country. All the cities are home to plenty of historical and religious sites and other well known cultural hot spots.

The rich culture of French Polynesia has a great influence on the cuisine of the country. The country is full of diverse races and creeds. This has led to the emergence of various types of delicacies in the country. Being a French Colony, French cuisine also influences the cuisine in the country. One can have a taste of mouth watering local food from the local restaurants in the country. In the small towns and rural areas, food is still cooked according to traditional methods. The food is wrapped in banana leaves and served.

Music in French Polynesia forms an important part of the Culture of French Polynesia. Music is a favorite pastime in the country and hundreds of people visit the music and dance concerts. Traditional and religious music is also popular. The present generation is also attracted towards western pop and rock music. To add to the popularity of music, poetry and dance are also popular forms of entertainment and culture in the country. There are also various theatrical companies which stage wide range of local and international dramas and plays.

Arts and crafts are also popular forms of culture of French Polynesia. The tribal areas, rustic areas and small towns are wonderful centers for making beautiful handicrafts and regional artifacts. Handicraft items include metal works, jewelry, and hand made textiles, pottery and so on.

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