Culture of Marshall Islands

The Culture of Marshall Islands is varied and diverse. Located at the western Pacific Ocean, this country is bordered by Nauru and Kiribati in the north, Federated States of Micronesia in the east and US territory of Wake Island in the southern part. Large number of travelers from all corners of the world throngs this destination to savor its beauty. The island boasts of its various places of interest, which reflects the rich Culture of Marshall Islands.
The Marshall Islands Culture is largely reflected through the various places of interest in the region. There are numerous sightseeing destinations in Marshall Islands, which are worth visiting. Some of the major tourist destinations include Mieco Beach Yacht Club in Majuro, Peace Park Memorial in Majuro, Kalalen Pass in Majuro, 1918 Typhoon Monument in Majuro, Laura Beach Park in Majuro, The Aquarium in Majuro, Bokolap and Aneko Islands in Majuro and Kwajalein Island in Ebeye to name some of them.
In the Marshall Islands, Marshallese and English are widely used as the official language. English is widely used as the second language. Protestantism is widely followed in this island. About 54.8% of the people of Marshall Islands are Protestant. 8.4% are Roman Catholic, 2.1% are Mormon and 3.6% are other Christians.
Navigation forms an important Cultural background of Marshall Islands. The people of the island are expert in canoe building. They hold regular competitions and events related to the canoe sailing. Oceanic sailings are also common among the people. Water sports are also commonly practiced by the people.
Music of Marshall Islands is widely popular. The traditional dance form of the island is known as the beet. This dance form is greatly influenced by the Spanish folk dances. Rhythm is an integral part of the music and dance of the nation. A kind of stick dance called Jobwa is performed on special occasions only. There are several modern bands, who perform modern music. A special musical instrument in the shape of a one-sided hourglass-shaped drum is an integral part of the Marshallese music
The Cuisine of Marshall Islands is delicious and holds an important position in the Culture of Marshall Islands. Staple food of the island includes breadfruit, pandanus, taro, arrowroot, rice, seafood, eggs, pigs and others. There are several restaurants and bars out here that caters to the taste of the individual guests. The rich Culture of Marshall Islands makes it widely popular in the whole world.

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