Culture of Morocco

Culture of Morocco is rich and beautiful. The country of Morocco is a multi-ethnic land having a rich culture as well as civilization. The social structure of Morocco is a blend of the many people coming form both East (like the Phoenicians, Hews and the Arabs), South (Sub-Saharan Africans) and the North (Romans, Vandals, Moors and the Jews). Al forms of beliefs from Paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam has an impact on the Culture of Morocco.

Morocco has a good barber identity of its own. They are identified by their traditional customs as well as culture. They have their distinctive music and dances of their own. The barbers don’t consider themselves as blood relations. Their language, called Amazigh, has not yet been recognized as yet, but French is the official language. The official language of Morocco is Classical Arabic which is widely used in limited socio-economic and cultural activities. The written newspapers also are French. The Barbers were converted to Islam, but the ethnic and linguistic purity is there.

The traditional dress of men in Morocco is called Djellaba, which is a long, loose and hooded garment having full sleeves. On special occasions, men wear a red cap which is called Tarbouche or the Fez. Women too wear the same some wear high heeled sandals, with silver or gold tinsel. In Morocco, it is not easy to visit Mosques, as these are considered as holy. One can only visit some ruins or disused mosques like Tin Mal and Smara. It is better to ask for permission while taking photographs of them.
In 1944, the Moroccan Cinematographic Center was established. In Rabat, Studios were opened.

Mohammad Ousfour created the first Moroccan movie in 1958, called Le fils maudit or The Damned Son. In 1982, Morocco had the first national festival of Cinema. In 1968, the first Mediterranean Film Festival was held in Tangier. It is held in a new version in Tetouan. 2001 saw the first International Film Festival of Marrakesh which is held in Marrakesh.

The Culture of Morocco is fascinating and provides a unique experience. People of Morocco are friendly and hospitable. You can strike up friendships anywhere if you have the right attitude.