Culture of Nauru

Culture of Nauru includes details about the religious customs, arts and crafts, sports and food of the country. Nauru is a small nation. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean. This tiny country attracts travelers from all across the world. There are many exotic destinations in Nauru. Culture of Nauru interests many travelers. The culture of Nauru also has influences from the western countries.

Religious customs in Nauru – The country has a blend of different cultures. The country was one of the colonies of Germany. It was also under the rule of other European countries. Some of the customs in the island have strong influence of these foreign communities.

The people of Nauru Island are direct descendants from Polynesian and Micronesian seafarers. These descendants worshipped a female deity, Eijebong. They also believed in a spirit land, which is a small island known as Buitani.

The country has 12 tribal groups. Two of these tribal groups were extinct as an aftermath of the world wars. They started celebrating a day known as Angam Day. This day is celebration of the left population in Nauru. Old customs and traditions are still followed in Nauru.
Languages in Nauru – More than 800 languages are widely spoken in the island. Nauri is the main language spoken in the island. This language is a mixture of different languages spoken in the neighboring islands. English is also understood and widely spoken.

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