Culture of Orissa

Orissa Society and Culture reflects the rich traditional ancestry and cultural heritage of the ancient times that has percolated to the modern era. The cultural and religious nerve center of India, Orissa bears relic to the unique traditional art and craft of the bygone era which is reflected in the various performing arts of the region.

The wide variety of craft work of Orissa represents the rich artistic skills and creative imagination of the local craftsmen of the region. The exclusive range of saris, metal works, terracotta items, stone and wood carvings and sand work of Orissa have internationally acclaimed status that enhances the economic strength of the state.

Orissa comprises a vast tribal population. The various tribal communities follow their own social customs and religious traditions that impart a unique character to the state of Orissa.

Representing the religious fervor of the state of Orissa, local indigenous inhabitants celebrate the religious festivals with great enthusiasm and fervor.

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