Culture of Portugal

The Culture of Portugal is deeply rooted and related to that of the culture of the Ancient Rome. It also has got a Celtiberian background which is a blend Iberians and pre-Roman Celts. The visitors coming here will get to know about the interesting history of Portugal which is really very long and is influenced by many external forces. This country is a home to many magnificent and wonderful architectural buildings, some of which belong to the prehistoric age. There are some superb works of art, literary collections and furniture. The literary works of the country have vividly described the events that shaped up this beautiful country and its people as well. Knowing the culture of Portugal will turn out to be an exciting one for all. The place has got a huge number of cultural landmarks which include museums and many ancient church as well, which bear testimony to the national cultural heritage of the country.

There are many different cultural activities in which the Portuguese people participate. This includes appreciation of art, drama, music and dance as well. The country has got a very rich traditional folklore which varies from region to region. Many of the towns of this country have got a museum and this museum has got the collection of ancient buildings and monuments. Many of the places of this country have got at least a cinema hall and some venues as well where one can go and listen to music. There are many locations where the people can see the works of art and craft.

Portuguese Culture varies from region to region. In the larger cities of this country the people visit the theaters, galleries of modern art, concerts. There are many internationally acclaimed artists whose works can be found here. The importance3 of art in this part of the globe is illustrated by the fact that three days of national mourning was declared on the death of Amalia Rodrigues. Jose Saramago, who is one of the famous writers of this country, was awarded the Noble Prize in the year 1998.

In the smaller villages and towns, the cultural activities mainly revolve around the folklore of the locality. Here mainly the musical groups perform the traditional song and dance. There are many local festivals as well which are very renowned during the summer season in all the localities of this country. Almost all the people of this country love to go for shopping in the various malls and market areas. Cafe culture is also an interesting culture of these people.