Culture of Russia

Culture of Russia is an amalgamation of different communities and culture of the various nationalities that are living in the country. The development of the nation and the strong influence of the country on other nations have given Russia, a strong culture of its own. There are many important sections, which falls under the Culture of Russia. Culture of Russia is visible in the various points of sightseeing.
Libraries and Museums – Russia territory has more than 50,000 state owned public libraries. Nearly 1/3rd are located in the rural areas of the country. Keeping a library is part of every office and schools in the country. The book loving nations has produced some of the world great writers, poets and authors.
The country also has innumerable museum comprising of topics from various fields like ethnographic, historical, folk crafts, memorial, applied and fine arts, music, theater,, science, technology to name few of the themes. All the museums articles are part of the country’s national treasure. The museum collection displays the richness of the country in all fields.
Theater and Art – Theater is a visual art form in the country, which is strongly growing by leap and bounds. The country has more than 413 companies of theater, majority of them being drama companies.
Icon paintings are another famous form of art in the country. To see the maximum collection of these painting, visit the Tretyakov Gallery.
Cinema is also another important form of art in the country. The origin of cinema in the country dates back as early to 1920. At present, contemporary subjects are introduced in film making.
Folk Art – Russian folk art basically comes in 2 forms. Works of art and handicrafts .some popular handicrafts are as follows: woodcarving and painting, clay toys, artistic ceramics, decorative tray painting, acquer painting, bone carving, artistic metalworking, lace making, artistic stone working and pattern weaving and rug making