Culture of Samoa

The culture of Samoa is as colorful as the place itself and you will be surprised to see that most of Samoan even today believe in traditional customs and ideas. If we look into the Samoan culture we will see that most of the Samoans believe in social hierarchies, and customs which determine their social and political life. Interesting cultural facts about Samoa state that all the Samoans believe in fa’a matai. This is kind of a government where the people follow the chief or the matai as he is popularly known. Culture of Samoa will tell the holidayers that the matai is responsible for the ruling of an area which is known as aiga.
This aiga is nothing but the extension of a family. As the head of everything the matai is responsible for everything including the distribution of wealth and food items. All these items are distributed on the basis of demand. As honor is a matter of pride among the people of Samoa the responsibility of the whole family is carried on an equal basis. The village council which is controlled by the matai is responsible for justice. Samoa culture is mainly determined by a lot of factors including the legends and folk lore which are an integral part of the life of the Samoans. The culture of Samoa is rich and one can find that life in Samoa is simple but is determined by the traditions.
Dance and music are an integral part of the culture of Samoa and if you are in any of the village you can watch the “fiafia” which is a musical presentation and is enacted by the villagers. You can also watch the Siva or the local dance form as it is popularly known in Samoa. The other interesting thing about the culture of Samoa is the tattoos. It is regarded as an important rite and most of the Samoans have tattoos on their bodies. They are mostly religious tattoos. If you are lucky then you can take part in the traditional Polynesian feast. Most of the food is cooked in an umu which is an oven on the ground. You can take ava or kava a drink prepared from the pepper plants. Mainly the roots are used to prepare the drink.

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