Culture of Scotland

The Culture of Scotland will give you a glimpse of the rich historical past of the country. Scotland is a nation which is well positioned in the north-west part of Europe. Scotland also beautifully shares a border with England. It is bordered by the Irish Sea and the North Channel to the southwest, the North Sea lies to the east while the north and west part of Scotland is bordered by Atlantic Ocean. The Culture of Scotland is one of the richest cultures of the world.
The Culture of Scotland is influenced by the residents of the Scottish Highlands who basically belong to the Celtic descent. To the Southern part of Scotland, the residents are Scots with little bit of Nordic and Anglo-Saxon influence.
The people of Scotland have a love for learning. If we look at the history of Scotland it is found that their history is full of educated persons who acquired university educations. In the beginning of the 20th century, Andrew Carnegie who was the Scottish-born American industrialist made education easy.
In the Culture at Scotland, we can find the celebrations of Hogmanay. Hogmanay is basically the celebration of to mark the beginning of New Year. In the Culture of Scotland, there is the tradition of taking out Torchlight Parade in Edinburgh. People take part in the Torchlight Parade which is held on the 29th December on each and every year. The people taking part in this parade carry wax torches and walk on foot through the popular streets of the city. The Hogmanay street party organized on New Years Eve last for three nights.
In the Culture of Scotland we can find the celebrations of Christmas like that of any other European countries. People take part in Christmas celebrations with great pomp and glory. During this period people go to churches and arrange gala lunch and dinner parties for ones friends and relatives.